Reversible is a mini zine aimed at the conservation community across disciplines. The idea of the zine is to offer a less formal, humorous, creative and informative mini journal that bridges the gap between formal conservation journals and the creative and social communities both within and outside Conservation.

Why the name Reversible?

In conservation one of the key ethical dilemmas/aims of all treatments are that they should be reversible. This is often in reality not as practical as it would ideally be and has to be continually questioned and considered. 

What can you expect?

Each issue of the zine will follow a different theme. We aim to incorporate science, heritage, art, movies, food… basically nothing is off limits. If it excites us we hope it will also excite you

or make you laugh

or get you thinking

And although we are conservators we hope to be accessible to a wide range of heritage professionals.

What are we doing to help make the zine environmentally sustainable?

  • We promise never to spam you with newsletters – we’ll only send out what’s important
  • Every issue of the zine is available as a digital download
  • Our paper issues are printed on recycled paper using environmentally friendly inks
  • We have even gone to the lengths of trying to use fonts that use minimal ink so are more environmentally friendly

Would you like to help contribute towards Reversible Zine?

We want to make Reversible Zine something that is owned by the whole conservation community, somewhere we can collaborate and have fun. If you have any ideas or would like to contribute something towards the zine then why not contact us at